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A 2014 Film Noir Movie by Nathan Z., made for festival competition.

Welcome to the home page of Henpecked!, an upcoming 2014 Film Noir movie by Nathan Zhang, an independent animation filmmaker from Michigan.

This movie is intended purely to compete in film festivals and may never see the light of day in an actual theater audience. This movie is currently in pre-production, and the first festival it will be presented at may or may not be TIFF (if ever at all this year), but it will be presented, for sure, at festivals closer to home (home is the Metropolitan Detroit and Ann Arbor area[s]).

Henpecked! is a love triangle/murder-mystery Film Noir made with stick-like animated elements and created using Flash, Photoshop, and After Effects (all in the "Creative Cloud"). It is set in an unnamed fictitious city, with most of the action happening downtown and a bit of it happening in the hinterlands areas around the city. This movie is planned to be less than feature length, roughly between 20 and 35 minutes in length. It's a start for the filmmaker and one step closer to winning a certain bigger entertainment prize by/in 2020.